Hey guys!

It's been a while that we hadn't give any news ! But hey...we're working hard on the game! ;)

This post is just to get you guys updated of what we have at the moment in our game!

You can see now some new couple screenshots with some new art. 
So..What's new? 

  • New art, new character animations, new tiles, new background effects, to give the levels a more "Live" feeling.
  • We added coins to all levels so you can catch coins and survivors instead of just running so it makes more fun!
  • Some major tweaks on game mechanics 
  • Added bonus levels: when you get an X amount of survivors you'll get into a bonus level (cool uh? )

What we're doing at the moment:
  • Getting the rest of characters animations done
  • Revamp all the menus on the game 
  • Working on the Sound FX and Music

And for the last we want to thank Rustbox Games to make an awesome work to help promote some Indie developers and where you can find a screenshot of our game and our logo!

Here's an example :

So head over to : http://www.rustboxgames.com/indie-collage/ and get your wallpaper and follow Rustbox games work! They deserve it!

We'll get you more news soon!

Here we are with a new screenshot of our game and just to say that we're alive!

The development has been more slow due to work and school, but we managed to add some new features, items , abilities, characters and other surprises. We're close to making a little video with the game so you can get a idea about the gameplay and other stuff! And we've been working on a top secret game at the same time, more info on that later!

We hope you enjoy the new screenshot!


Nuno and Scott

It has been in development a few months now, and we thought, that now was the right time to share at least one screenshot to you guys.  so you can have an idea of what we are doing!
We'll be updating this page as we develop the game to give you more info and news as we go further.

We're really excited about this game, we're having a blast doing this game and we hope that we make it fun for you guys!