Hey guys!

As promised we have now available an alpha demo so you can try the game! Please remember that this game is in very early stages, and many of our assets are missing, or currently being replaced with temporary art. We are also in the processing of doubling the resolution, changing the characters, and adding a few features that are not yet ready for public viewing.

In order for you to play the demo, you must send us an email @ oobentertainment@gmail.com and we'll send you the demo and details for you to play it.

We're limiting the demo to only 30 testers. If you want to help us and make this a better game just drop us an email :)
We need your feedback !


Hi guys!
So finally we released some game play footage, so you can see the game in action! We hope you now have an idea of how it works. We've been working hard and making some changes so we can release soon a beta version!  So you can play and give us feedback and help us improve our game!
You can follow us now on indiedb @ http://www.indiedb.com/games/you-cant-escape, we'll be updating our page there too with all the info about the game. We're working on other stuff as well but for now just enjoy the video and if you have any questions of feedback just comment on our blog , YouTube , Facebook whatever you feel like! We want to know your opinion ;)